Nelson Mandela charity official resigns over ‘blood diamonds’

Thursday, August 19, 2010  Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) trustee Jeremy Ractliffe has resigned from the charity’s board, twelve days after admitting to the possession of “blood diamonds”. Earlier this month, supermodel Naomi Campbell testified against former Liberian president Charles Taylor when she claimed she received “very small, dirty looking stones” from two men, allegedly […]

The Role Business Education Plays In Your Profession

More Detail Here: Film And Television Courses Acting Coach The Role Business Education Plays in Your Profession by Samuel Barrett Business education programmes help executives improve their professional skills and play greater roles within their organisations. Such courses build confidence of abilities and respond to the tasks assigned in a better manner. Business education adds […]

Bob Dylan plays first concert in Vietnam

Wednesday, April 13, 2011  Bob Dylan, the U.S. musical artist and songwriter, performed his first concert ever in Vietnam on Sunday night, forty years after his 1960s protest songs, now iconic, gave voice to America’s anti-Vietnam War movement. The concert came days after he played two shows in China, where he performed in Beijing and […]

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