Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms}

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms



Susan Banks

Both adults and students are split on their opinion of school uniforms. There are adults and students that see the pros and both adults and students that see the cons of wearing school uniforms. No matter what your opinion is, when a school has a school uniform policy, students will be required to adhere to the guidelines to attend the school. All Uniform Wear has a selection of uniforms that can make the transition affordable and give the students choices that fit most school guidelines.

PROS OF WEARING SCHOOL UNIFORMSSchool uniforms save parents money because they are not paying for designer clothes, expensive jeans, and more when shopping for school clothes. School uniforms are often affordably priced, even for high quality durable school uniforms. Since all tops and bottoms go with each other, there are less wardrobe pieces to purchase.School uniforms save time because there are a limited number of choices for students in the morning. All tops and bottoms match each other, which also reduces time spent choosing an outfit for school in the morning.School uniforms simplifies washing because there are a limited number of colors that are part of the school uniform. School uniforms are often made of easy care material. There are fewer loads to accommodate special washing and sorting requirements of school clothes.School uniforms put all kids on the same level and reduces judging, harassment, and embarrassment for students since all students are dressed alike. Clothing does not reveal economic status of a student.School uniforms prevent gang affiliation being revealed by clothing color. Many gangs identify themselves by color, which is reflected in clothing choices when they go to school.School uniforms can make schools safer because they are designed to fit properly. Some students use baggy clothing to hide weapons, drugs, or other school contraband.School uniforms can make it easier to identify those who do and do not belong in the school building and may make schools safer.CONS OF WEARING SCHOOL UNIFORMSSchool uniforms don?t prevent gang affiliation or gang activity. Some students and adults think known gang members should be removed and put in alternative schools that have staff specially trained to deal with gang members.School uniforms can ad to the student?s wardrobe expenses because they are often not worn outside of school and additional clothes need to be purchased.School uniforms don?t allow for individuality because everyone must wear the same clothes. Conformity may be reinforced instead of acceptance of individuality. A student?s creativity may be suppressed.In the event a student dressed in a school uniform came up missing or committed a crime, the description of what the student was wearing would hinder identifying the victim or perpetrator of a crime.No matter if you are for or against school uniforms, make sure your school is aware of how you feel and participate in all decision making meetings. When you must comply with a school uniform requirement, go to to get the best prices and highest quality uniforms. All Uniform Wear provides a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes to meet almost every student?s school uniform needs.

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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms}

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