Nigeria bill has Taylor implications

Thursday, September 1, 2005 The Nigerian legislature is considering a Bill that would permit the Senate to extradite persons granted asylum by Nigeria to other nations and organizations, such as the United Nations and the African Union, to face trial for war crimes. Under the law, the Senate would have the power to accept or […]

Computer Security: The Essential Components For A Safe Computer

More Detail Here: Cyber Security Services Sydney Submitted by: Sara Chambers These days, computers are almost as common in households as telephones. Computers themselves do not cause any threat to individual security. When connected with networks and the chaos that is the World Wide Web, computers have become the tools that identity thieves and hackers […]

Australian government provides $15.8 million for North Adelaide Technical College

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 Australian Minister for Vocational Education and Training, Gary Hardgrave has announced the government will provide AU$15.8 million to establish an Australian Technical College in North Adelaide. The minister said the government was entering into a partnership with the Archdiocese of Adelaide and consortium of industrial and manufacturing companies. The North Adelaide […]

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