5 Tips To Help You Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

5 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Allan Bower

At the Omni Surgery Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, our Bariatric practitioners cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly important after a patient has received weight reduction surgery, but everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. It is always recommended to incorporate healthy eating before considering weight loss surgery, whether it s gastric bypass surgery or other less invasive bariatric procedures.

To help you understand what a healthy lifestyle can include, we ve put together a few pointers from our post- lapband surgery nutrition guide for you to consider. Normally, candidates who are eligible to receive our minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedure have already attempted numerous dieting and weight-loss routines. If you re considering a lap band or are interested in achieving a healthier weight, we recommend following these simple rules of dieting and nutrition.

1. Eat Less, More Often: It s important that you make time for all three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don t consume more than you need to. Instead, eat lighter meals with small snacks in between to help you meet your nutritional needs. Stomach banding forces an individual to control their consumption habits throughout the day.


2. Slow it Down: Eating slowly gives your body more time to digest food properly, and also gives your stomach a chance to alert your brain that you re full before you overeat. Chewing thoroughly (15-20 times per bite) is a good way to help you slow your eating habits. Eating too quickly can cause discomfort, if you do or do not have a lapband.

3. H2O: If you have to drink while eating, drink water (although consuming liquids while eating should be avoided altogether after undergoing band surgery). Avoid carbonated or sugary beverages and if you drink alcohol moderate your consumption to 1-2 drinks per day.

4. Make it Count: The foods that you re eating should be high in nutritional value and low in calories. Fast food and potato chips are called junk food so kick that junk to the curb and opt for something healthier. For individuals with lap bands, this is essential.

5. Take a Hike: Outdoor activities like walking, bike riding, jogging or going for a hike are great ways to get exercise. You should initially try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week and increase from there. Patients who have recently undergone weight reduction surgery may need to start with a lighter routine.

If you ve tried weight loss programs, healthy eating and exercise, and your weight is still a cause for concern, you might be a candidate for a band surgery at Omni Surgery Centre. Our laparoscopic procedure means faster recovery time, and no scarring or stapling that comes with procedures such as gastric bypass surgery. Gastro bypass is typically invasive, costly and can involve unnecessary complications. Our lap band surgeons are accredited practitioners in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Omni Surgery Centre is ready to help you meet your weight loss goals in Regina, Saskatchewan. For more details about

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