Home Remedies: Cure Acne Without Side Effects}

Submitted by: Ashish Jain

There is a bubbling sea of over-the-counter medications out there. You have a real lot to choose from. However, if you look at the treatments available closely, youll find that most of them do not work at all. They cost you money, take your time and leave you utterly frustrated. Therefore, it is unwise to keep investing ones time and money experimenting with these products that keep springing out from nowhere day after day. They promise a lot and deliver little or nothing.

That is just one aspect of the problem. The other, and the more dangerous, aspect is that these over-the-counter medicines may have unknown side effects which may make your condition even worse.

The best alternative is to resort to simple home remedies, which are not only free of side effects but are also more effective than most of the medicines available in the market.

One of the most reliable home treatments is the application of essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil and rosewood oil. If your skin is too sensitive, you can dilute these oils with grapeseed oil.

Another effective remedy is the application of oatmeal mask every week. Used as a scrub, it cleans the pores and replenishes the skin, which helps prevent the occurrence of acne.

A good exposure to sun is also an effective cure because sunrays kill the bacteria that cause acne infection and also dries sebum oil, which is another cause of acne.

What you eat and drink also makes or breaks acne. It is true that no particular food or kind of food has been found to be responsible for acne problem unless one is allergic to certain foods. But it is well established that eating certain kinds of food does prevent acne. Avoid fried food and add lots of vegetables and foods in your daily intake. This would help you fight acne better.

Also, wash your face as often as you can with running water. Do not apply soap because that may make your skin dry. Increase your water intake. Water replenishes the skin and is considered to be a key element because it prevents dehydration and helps the skin cells to heal better, which goes a long way in fighting acne.

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