What Is The Difference Betweem Tassimo T20 And T65?

If you are looking for a coffee brewer that are more than just a regular coffee machine then you might want to take a look at one of the most innovative on the market that does much more than just regular coffee, the Tassimo T65.

The Tassimo series contains of 3 different brewers also referred to as a brewbot, the Tassimo T20, T45 and T65, where the Tassimo T65 is the flagship, that does a little bit more than the other two. But basically if you are just looking for a coffee brewer, that can make you a good cup of coffee and of course a Cappuccino, hot Chocolate or a couple of other hot drinks without any other functions such as LED, water filter and a special cup stand light, then the smallest Tassimo T20 is the perfect choice that delivers just as good a cup of coffee as the both T45 and T65.

It is not that Tassimo T65 has the ability to make bigger variety of hot drinks either. The differences between the 3 of them are only in the design and technical abilities. T65 is the only one that comes with a LED display that inform you how to make you cup of hot drink and how long the brewer is in the process of making your favorite hot drink.


Another functionality the Tassimo T65 carries is the built in water system, the ensures to limit the amount of Lime and Chlorine in the water, this should give you are better taste but also protect the brewer, but here is it important to stress out that if you want to use this system so you to expect extra expenses every 3 months for around 15 bucks.

The water tank is bigger on both the Tassimo T45 and T65 which is nicer because often you want that extra cup of coffee without having to brew a new cup.

When it comes to the design the Tassimo T65 does look more classics and is built with much better materials like Titanium, than Tassimo T20 that comes in hard plastic, but where you have the option to change the colors. Tassimo T65 looks good and will do very good in a more conservative kitchen where design is a priority.

One very cool feature that only the Tassimo T65 carries is the cup stand lighting, that really gives you are very cool look and is very handy because it gives you a much better overlook of what you are doing with your coffee than just having the kitchen light on. The T65 is the only one that carries this function.

Whether you should choose Tassimo T20, T45 or T65 is more a question about whether you want all these extra functionalities than it is a question about how many hot drinks and how good your cup of coffee is. If you are just in for the coffee Tassimo T20 is absolutely perfect for you. If you want to have something classic and looks nicer in a beautiful kitchen you should probably go for Bosch Tassimo T65.

LED Display, water filter and cup stand lighting is extras that you really do not need and probably will forget to use after a month or so.

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