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Window treatments come in a variety of material ranging from blinds, shades and roller shades. Window blinds are made from slats or vanes which can be opened or closed manually by pulling a cord or they can be automatically controlled with a remote control device. Blinds can be adjusted easily they can be raised up to stack together, leaving an unobstructed view or the slats can be tilted at the desired angle to let in light and air as per your needs.

A well-appointed window heightens the appearance of the room so you must ensure to select the best coloured window blind that would suit the overall dcor of your home. Your window blinds can be of various types you can choose from wooden blinds, vinyl blinds, faux wood blinds or aluminium blinds. All of these can be colour coordinated with the surrounding interior decoration. Nevertheless, here are few tips to select the best colour for your window blinds:

1. If you’re thinking in terms of wooden blinds, take a look at the window trim and select a colour that closely matches the trim. You could also have a blind in the colour that matches the floor or the furniture in the room. Wooden blinds come in painted and stained finish, so you might easily find a matching colour tone quite easily.

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2. Aluminium blinds come in a variety of colours and you could easily colour match them with your interiors. If you want your window to stand out in the room dcor, you can have an attractive colour for the blind. Of course, it must go well with some of the colours that already exist in the room.

Another option is to go by the same colour as the window trim. If you’d like the window blinds to blend in the background, then it’s a good idea to match them to the wall colour.

You could also use the basic metallic colour of the aluminium blind to match with your metallic lighting and door fixtures for a contemporary look.

3. In case you plan to decorate your window space with drapes or curtains, select a neutral colour for the blinds. Use the same colour as the wall for the blinds so that they blend in the background but lend emphasis to your curtains or drapes.

4. Consider for how long you will retain the same theme for your interiors. If you intend to leave it in place for a number of years, select neutral shades of colour for your window blinds. You can experiment with trendy colours for your window blinds if you change the window treatment very often.

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Flattering Ensembles for Beaming Mothers of the Bride


Gary Carranza

Any beaming mother of the bride wants to look her best on her daughter’s big day. But remember, it’s your big day, too! Whether you’re looking for a modern or trendy look versus a classic and timeless feel, or whether you choose a casual or formal wedding, this helpful guide will lead you to today’s most flattering ensembles for mothers of the bride.

Flattering, Fashion-forward Looks

The one-shoulder dress style continues to fly off the shelves as it’s classy with an intense dash of allure. Our favorite one-shoulder dresses include the Sueded Charmeuse Side Drape Dress, the Chiffon Tier Dress with Scarf Style, the One-Piece Metallic Chiffon Halter Dress with Scarf and the Taffeta Ball Gown with Drape.

For the mother of the bride who wishes to give the one-shoulder dress a whirl, we suggest the demure Sueded Charmeuse Drape Dress. This formal dress will flatter your physique with its slimming side drape and leave you beaming in its golden hue. Another formal dress for a mother of the bride, the Taffeta Ball Gown with Drape comes in a deep plum color in flatters any body shape with its side drape and A-line silhouette.

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Considered appropriate for a formal or casual wedding, the Chiffon Tier and Chiffon Halter dresses do offer quite a dramatic look. The Chiffon Tier Dress pops with a lovely purple hue and its scarf detaches, providing you with a fashionable cover up. As for the Metallic Chiffon Halter Dress, think Marilyn Monroe and get ready to turn some heads. This stunning dress flatters any shape, with its ruched waist band accented with beautiful beaded buckle detail.

Formal, Flattering and Demure Looks

A mother of the bride can’t go wrong with the Satin Twill Bolero and Mock Two-piece Dress. This flattering, almond two-piece ensemble offers three quarter sleeve bolero with beaded detail. What makes this dress dynamic is that under that classic bolero lies an elegant, yet youthful spaghetti strap dress made of chiffon and satin twill. Two looks in one!

Looking for a classic yet modern look? If so, you’ll love with the Three Quarter Sleeve Shaunting Short Jacket Dress. A two piece ensemble, this dress takes you from Jackie-O to Marilyn Monroe with a swift unfrocking of its mandarin collar bolero. Under the beaded-accented bolero is a sleeveless tank dress that’s classy with just a hint of flirtation. You can generally find this dress in the shades of light mocha or blue.

Let’s face it: your daughter’s wedding is your day too, so if you want to go all out and look your most magnificent, the dress for you is the Lace and Charmeuse Bolero Jacket Style Dress. This lace empire dress with ruched waist will not only flatter you its gold color shimmers leaving any mother of the bride beaming and radiating a warm glow.

For the Fuller Figured Mother of the Bride

Most fuller-figured women choose to wear a slimming, black ensemble. Should you choose this route, we suggest the Portrait Collar Knit Dress with Lace Style Skirt. With its portrait collar extending gracefully off the shoulders, this dress not only flatters, it will certainly turn heads, especially as it has a slim beaded lace skirt, which looks incredibly flattering. Not only will you look good in this dress, the comfortable knit bodice will make you feel comfortable.

The Tea-Length Dress with Ruffle Collar and Bow Detail dress offers a beaming mother of the bride so many bonuses, you’ll find it hard to resist. First, this dress sports a lightweight jersey fabric bodice, which offers a most comfortable fit and with its classic look, a blend of both flirty and sophisticated, you can wear it again and again. The ruffled taffeta neckline and bow detail also accent and slim your silhouette.

Depending on the weather or perhaps just a choice of style, any mother of the bride wanting to trade in the dress idea for a pant suit will want to check out the Three Piece Jersey Pant Suit style. Another flattering outfit that you can wear again in the future, this pant suit consists of comfortable jersey fabric with a spandex/polyester blend and comes fully lined. In contrast to some plain, old pant suit, this outfit shimmers with beading detail at the neckline and along the cinched waist.

While your looking for a flattering, mother of the bride ensemble, remember to take comfort into consideration. While you’ll look for physical comfort, also take your personal style into consideration along with any of your daughter’s wedding themes or colors. With the help of this guide we can promise you a flattering look and an air of ageless grace and most importantly, comfort, so you can let loose and have the night of fun and great memories.

Gary Carranza is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as mother of the

bride dresses


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