Acne Treatment What Are Your Options?}

Acne Treatment What Are Your Options?


Jack Kramer

There are different Acne Treatment Options you can choose from.

When selecting the most appropriate treatment options for your acne, it is important to consider the following:

There are different acne variations:

Acne Vulgaris

Acne Rosacea

Cystic Acne


Acne Conglobata

Acne Fulminans

Gram-Negative Folliculitis

Polydermal Faciale


And there are different skin types (from very dry to very oily).

also, there are various phases of acne (from mild to severe).

Some treatments are over-the-counter and some must be administered by a dermatologist.

Here are some quick highlights of some of your treatment options:

Non-prescription Gels and Lotions

These are applied topically to the surface of the skin. There are even some topical antibiotics that you can apply which help to battle the bacteria responsible for the acne. Some of the antibiotic options are sulfa drugs, clindimycin and erythromycin.

Note: Use sound judgment when taking antibiotic drugs because if they are used to excess, your body builds up a tolerance in time.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can help lessen the appearance of acne scars on your skin by taking away the compromised, acne skin cells from the top layer of skin. Some chemical peel options are: Jessner Peel, Fruit Acid Peels, Betahydroxy Acid (BHA) Peels, TCA Peels.

Scrubs and Exfoliants

Scrubbing or exfoliating your skin is simply the process of regularly removing the top layer of dead skin cells and thus help to keep your skin pores clear. Some scrubbing and exfoliating options are: Biore Cleansing Scrub, DDF Pumice Acne Scrub, Avon Clearskin Cleansing Scrub, Stridex Acne Super Scrub, PTR Pumice Medicated Acne Scrub BPO 2.5%

Treatments with Lasers

Laser treatments, along with other light treatment options like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are considered phototherapy. Essentially, photo radiation is very successful at killing the acne bacteria and lessening the size of the sebaceous glands.

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Acne Treatment What Are Your Options?}

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